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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  July 13, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> this is "bbc world news america." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global expertise to work for a
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wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> this is bbc world news america reporting from washington. rupert murdoch's news corp. has dropped their bid for bskyb. >> they clearly need to do with the problems that news international. >> 21 people were killed in a financial capital. the fighting continues to rage in libya. colonel gaddafi's forces and the rebels are still in a tug of war.
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the last few days have brought an incredible reversal of fortune for rupert murdoch's media empire and today can get another blow. bowling to public and political pressure, news corp. withdrew their bid for bskyb. this is in the wake of the hacking scandal. for more on how the deal went, here is the bbc's business editor. >> rupert murdoch, the great news mobile is in the news for what he would see as the wrong reasons. the great humiliations' of his career, the abandonment of his desire to get all of british news broadcasting. "we believe that the acquisition
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would benefit both companies it has become clear that it is too difficult to progress in this climate." this was the appalling climate for mr. murdoch. >> when such a serious cloud hangs over news corp. and a systematic pattern of deceit, does he agree with me that it would be quite wrong for them to them expand their stake. >> this was the prime minister a little bit later. >> i think this is the right decision. this company clearly needs to sort out the problems there are at news international, at the news of the world, that must be the party. the right decision for the country as well. >> this is the second massive setback for mr. murdoch. he close to the "news of the
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world," because his reputation was tarnished. invading theed of privacy of murder victims, those killed in terrorist acts, and soldiers. >> there are people of been appalled by the revelations about phone hacking, who have fought it beyond belief that mr. murdoch could expand his stake in the british media. >> or the mud was keen to increase its ownership of british broadcasting to 100% because it would have given him access to the mass amount of cash generated by the u.k. television business. the profits were around a billion pounds, which would have been very useful to mr. murdoch plus news corp. at a time that his british newspapers are struggling to maintain their
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bottom line. this care prices have fallen around 20% over the past nine days. -- the share prices have fallen to around 20%. what has rupert murdoch lost? >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire one oedipus and son of a business that has extraordinarily good prospects, trajectory which is good. >> 1989, the dawn of a television new age. >> mr. murdoch would see himself as the founder of bskyb. to be told by politicians that he should not press ahead, this is a setback as embarrassing as any in his decades that the pinnacle of the british media industry.
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>> for more on the political pressure bearing down on the moroccan pyre, i'm joined by our financial journalist. thank you very much for joining us. i would like to start by asking you, the family has been right at the heart of the british establishment for so long and now they are out. >> i don't think they can survive. the process which we have seen will go on. they are under enormous pressure to get results. there continue to examine whether the murdoch family are the fit and proper persons to even owned the piece of bskyb. there are sections in british
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law which mean that the directors and officers of companies can be brought into court to answer for their responsibility for the doings of their subordinates. this is far from over. i would not be surprised if they all end up in a british court and the british businesses are sold. >> you also suggested that they could be prosecuted under american law. what exactly could they be accused of? >> i think the thing which rupert murdoch and his son and the others have been trying to escape is being classified as not fit and proper to control media of one kind or another, whether it is newspapers or television stations or whatever. that is why he threw away or closed the news of the world. look, we have taken our
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punishment. we have voluntarily closed something that was very valuable, very profitable. still, we recognize we have made mistakes. isn't this enough, was the implicit question. >> the details of the investigation in the u.k. have been revealed today. there's also talk of the investigation here in the states. could this have a similar effect on the murdoch holdings here? >> i think it could but i think the point i am making is that as long as they're controlled by the murdoch family, whenever they would like to make an advance any more, open up a new television station, buy another newspaper, the question will always be asked by those who oppose this move, are they fit and proper persons? the answer will come back in the
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major english language market, they were found not to be fit and proper. that in the end will undermine the entire empire from australia to the u.s., to britain. >> thank you very much for joining us. in mumbai today, three coordinated bombings targeted the financial capital leaving at least 21 people dead and injuring more than a hundred. the blasts are the worst attack in the country since the 2008 attack. we have been to the location of why the explosions. >> this is one of three locations where explosions have taken place. just behind this police cordon, a bus stop where a vehicle was detonated. two of their class took place at
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about 7:00 p.m. local time in highly densely populated areas. lots of traffic around peak times. we are hearing of many injuries. the injured have been taken to local hospitals. the party according to the police and those of been coming to these areas saying that the parties at the moment is to make sure that the injured are taking care of. it is yet to be unknown who is behind these attacks and what is taking place and whether there is collation to any of those attacks that took place in 2008. -- whether there is any correlation to any of those attacks that took place in 2008. >> we are joined by the former u.s. the terry of state for asian affairs. thank you for joining us.
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-- we're joined by the former deputy u.s. secretary of state for asian affairs. the know who might be planning these attacks? >> this is the fourth attack in the last 10 years. this city has been attacked by terrorists on many occasions and this is the latest episode. this does not appear to be the same nature of attack that occurred in november of 2008. the suicide bombers killed 166 people and they were tied to a pakistani-based litton group. this appears to be more sporadic. this does not appear to be the same kind of attack. india has seen these before from a group called india mujahedin. they are an indigenous group. those are looking at it and they're pointing towards that group. >> interesting because in 2008,
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india blames elements within pakistan. do you think that there might be a coincidence in these attacks happening just months after the peace talks between india and pakistan started? >> it is inconceivable that india would have any role in this because india and pakistan are now engaged in a dialogue. the foreign ministers will be meeting shortly. pakistan is facing multiple threats. we have had an outbreak of sectarian violence. we know how involved they are. we have a pakistani taliban attack. we are at the point of a new low. the idea that pakistan would instigate a crisis with india at this point is inconceivable. >> what about indian intelligence gathering and security?
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there has been a number of cracks, particularly since 2008. is this any reflection on the indian authority's confidence? >> there will be questions about another attack in mumbai. after 2008, there were major reviews within india within -- about internal security. in this case, there would be a very close examination of how close that india has responded. they have their guard deployed there, they have forensic units on the scene. they need to hopefully see that experience was directing a quick response to what is taking place now in the beleaguered city. >> ambassador, thank you for joining us. >> the afghan president has left thousands of mourners at the funeral of his brother. he wept openly during the
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ceremony and climbed into the grave to kiss his brothers forehead. his brother was one of the most powerful figures in the south and he was shot dead by his own head of security. more than 600 senior police officers have been removed from their jobs in egypt. the government has been under pressure from protesters who say that the men were responsible for the killing of hundreds of people. 18 police generals are among those being fired. the police in ireland say 16 officers were injured during last night's violence. there was 26 arrest following trouble in belfast, londonderry. the nationalists youth attached -- made it their tax. it is a long-running scandal which has tarnished the catholic church and today, the irish government published a report into the concealment of child abuse by priests.
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this reveals how they dealt with the breeze. they cared more about the reputation than the welfare of children. reports of abuse was still being kept from police. >> he was not as the personal secretary to john paul the second. today, the bishop stands accused of involvement in the irish catholic church's scandal. it was in his diocese that the sex abuse to a place that was not reported by the church to the police. it happened as recently as three years ago. at a time when the irish catholic church was telling the world that there would never be another cover-up. >> it is scandalous that there was the public face of concern and it continues to maintain a private agenda of concealment
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and evasion. >> after the revelations of pedophile priests, new guidelines were introduced to ensure all allegations within reported to the police. below largely ignored. for those who complained about being abused as children, a lack of action left them feeling helpless. >> contaminated by horrible disease. i really feel like this is being touched by the devil and no one will ever fix this for me. >> after so many scandals, the catholic church in ireland is not only losing followers but a special place in irish society. there is a sense of shame. >> i apologize on my own behalf as an administrator of the diocese and on behalf of the clergy and to all who suffered.
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i am uphold about the death of damage and suffering. >> john magee retired as bishop last year. he confessed to could have done more to help some victims of abuse and said he was sorry. >> you are watching "bbc world news america," still to come, one u.s. marine posted his proposal to a famous actress online and now he has the date of a lifetime. the federal reserve chairmen said the central bank is prepared to provide additional stimulus if the current economic problem is not fixed. in china, the government is trying to slow the economy. they expanded by non 0.5% prompting rate rises and restrictions on bank lending in an attempt to cool things down.
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>> the figures were better than expected. the world's second-largest economy continues to grow at a remarkable rate. beijing is keen to deliver an upbeat message. >> if you look at the recent situation and prospects in their future, there is still a strong driving force. the possibility of the economy dropping sharply is very low. >> growth is beginning to slow. some question the sustainability of the chinese economy. >> my belief is that beijing understands this and probably in the next two-three years, they will take steps to bring growth down, which means bringing investment down which also means bringing gdp growth rates down significantly. >> these latest figures will give beijing room to tackle inflation. there currently at a three-year
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high. prices have risen more than 10% in the last 12 months. in a country where millions spend more half of their income on food, i prices could triple social unrest. -- high prices could trigger social unrest. china has been the main driver of global growth plan to the feared it is that if there was a substantial slowdown, then it would be felt by economies around the world. >> muammar gaddafi's days are numbered according to hillary clinton. the war continues between those forces to gaddafi and rebel troops. there had been heavy battles. tonight, the rebels say they have driven back the advance of
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loyalists. >> this was the libyan rebel's most forward position in the western mountains until today. they took this ground a week ago. part of a steady, if slow advance. gunfire this morning. the rebels are so confident that at first they assure us that it is just their own men battling with government forces. just after we alive, fighting broke out between the rebel lead position and the dufty forces. this is the next place in the rubble -- >> it was. that might be a bit ambitious now. the other side is the advancing, not just taking a few potshots.
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there is a vehicle coming, he says. this is a chaotic and sometimes costly retreat. they try to regroup at any checkpoint. fight, saysk to one. no, says his friend. we only have one box of ammunition. what are we going to do with that? this afternoon, the counter attack. the rebels retook the ground they have lost. they're now pushing into the next town. there is international pressure to negotiate with the regime in tripoli. the rebels know they have to show progress on the battlefield.
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>> joining me now on where the mission stands is a retired major general, thank you very much for joining us. it has been four months since the mission started, gaddafi is still in power. they don't seem to be gaining much ground. >> after this four months, gaddafi has incredible staying power, he has complete legitimacy. the opposition has incredible persistence and staying power as well. the challenges that the opposition truly has never gotten its military act together. what you see on the battlefield is in many cases are tactical victories. this is coming from a number of nations. these rebels would have been finished a long time ago. they have staying power and gaddafi is not going anywhere. gaddafi will not accept any
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diplomatic solution. it is not in his dna to do that. confusing? they said he is not a target but the allies have said they want him gone. wouldn't it make it easier? >> from the outset, there has been a great chasm between what has been stated as an objective and what has been a limited military involvement. ultimately, there will be a grand presence. at some point, there will either be fighting that continues or that someone is a victor. there have to be someone in between those two forces. there is an immense amount of score settling that will occur. >> there is fierce resistance
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to that suggestion. could you think in terms of a peacekeeping force, if so, by what country? >> that is probably what will happen. you have peacekeeping and peacemaking. there is some degree of an agreement in terms of what those terms are. the knees to be a force on the ground that can refereed. it can't be from one of the neighboring arab nations that has a professional military force. i am not suggesting that the egyptians or saudi arabia's king involved. a special force that can command under some other flag, under some other auspices and with a charter that says that we are not here to take sides but to keep you from killing each other. >> thank you very much. >> in afghanistan, the request of one u.s. marine has grabbed worldwide attention.
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the sergeant wanted to take mila kunis to the marine corps ball. now he has the date of a lifetime. >> never mind occupying different worlds, they occupy different planets. he is in afghanistan, she is in hollywood. >> i want to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the marine corps ball on november 18th in north carolina. >> his bowl invitation was seen by 800,000 people on youtube but not by the actress. -- his bold invitation was seen by a hundred thousand people. >> do it for your country. >> justin timberlake played matchmaker. >> i will work on this for you. i will work on this for you. he invited you to the ball. >> when is the ball?
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>> in november. >> i will go. >> she is promoting her latest film and she can look forward to a trip to north carolina. she is swapping the movies for the mess hall. >> we're going to make this happen. >> her people have already been in touch with his people. this is officially a date. >> that shows that persistence really does pay off. that brings us to the end of the day's broadcast. you can get constant updates on our website. check out our facebook page. thank you very much for watching. have a good night.
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